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TV Transcripts


01.01- Pilot
01.02- Cool Change
01.03- Crate 'n Burial
01.04- Pledging Mr. Johnson
01.05- Friends and Lovers
01.06- Who Are You?
01.07- Blood Drops
01.08- Anonymous
01.09- Unfriendly Skies
01.10- Sex, Lies, and Larvae
01.11- I-15 Murders
01.12- Fahrenheit 932
01.13- Boom
01.14- To Halve and to Hold
01.15- Table Stakes
01.16- Too Tough To Die
01.17- Face Lift
01.18- $35K O.B.O.
01.19- Gentle, Gentle
01.20- Sounds of Silence
01.21- Justice is Served
01.22- Evaluation Day
01.23- The Strip Strangler

All CSI Transcripts provided by Intrepid

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