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TV Transcripts


03.01- Revenge Is Best Served Cold
03.02- The Accused Is Entitled
03.03- Let the Seller Beware
03.04- A Little Murder
03.05- Abra-Cadaver
03.06- The Execution of Catherine Willows
03.07- Fight Night
03.08- Snuff
03.09- Blood Lust
03.10- High and Low
03.11- Recipe for Murder
03.12- Got Murder?
03.13- Random Acts of Violence
03.14- One Hit Wonder
03.15- Lady Heather's Box
03.16- Lucky Strike
03.17- Crash and Burn
03.18- Precious Metal
03.19- A Night At The Movies
03.20- Last Laugh
03.21- Forever
03.22- Play With Fire
03.23- Inside The Box

All Futurama Transcripts provided by The Neutral Planet

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